Community & HOA Management

We specialize in association and homeowner management with our knowledge and ability to bring structure to new and established HOAs alike. Our HOA Management staff is experienced in dealing with condos, town homes, new construction, bank owned, developer controlled and more.

Our main focus is to work with each specific board as a team to make clear and concise decisions that will benefit the association in the most effective and efficient way possible. The association belongs to the homeowners and we make it our job to assure that communication between the board and each of the owners is of the highest quality.

  • Collecting and Maintaining All Monthly HOA Dues
  • This Includes Notifying Owners and Collecting of Outstanding Balances, and Consulting with Legal Counsel That is Approved by Board, if necessary
  • Sustaining Necessary Budget and Expenses for Association in Order to Provide Utmost Care and Diligence for the Association
  • Processing and Paying All Outstanding Invoices
  • Managing and Assuring All Required Association Insurance is Intact and Renewed Annually
  • Mailing Quarterly Income Statements to Each Owner
  • Maintaining all Common Areas
  • Scheduling and Coordinating All Necessary Maintenance of Common Areas.
  • Coordinating and Scheduling Any Necessary Contract Work
  • Notifying Owners and Board Members Timeframe of Job Completion.
  • Attending Regular Board Meetings (Where Requested)
  • Addressing and Resolving Owner Issues and/or Concerns
  • Keeping Open Communications Between Owners and Board Members
  • Sending Out Any Notifications Regarding Changes or Updates to Each Owner
  • Assisting Board with CCR/Governing Document Interpretation, Compliance with Texas Laws and Providing Current Knowledge of Association Bylaws, State and Local Laws and Any Zoning Changes, Etc. to Board As Necessary